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Why I Chose The Vortex Vigilon by NERF

Why I Chose The Vortex Vigilon by NERF

The Nerf Vortex line is the newest in a long line of successful Nerf products that have been revolutionizing the toy industry since the late 1960’s. A toy brand that began with a simple foam ball that was house and people safe has become a cultural necessity that is enjoyed by everyone from 2 to 80 years old. Nerf wars have become one of the more common activities for adults in office buildings and back yards, while Nerf blasters are on the wish list of every little boy from 4 years old and up. Nerf toys are, in short, essential to a happy existence.

The Nerf Vortex line took all of the positive attributes of the traditional blasters and improved upon them. They used the same foam technology that was used in their darts and came up with a more aerodynamic ammo type in the shape of a disc. They took the durability of their blasters and made bigger, heavier blasters for their new discs. They used all of the safety aspects of the older designs to come up with new features that maintain that safety while creating more usability.

The Vortex Vigilon is a one of the most popular Nerf Vortex blasters. This is partly because of its extreme affordability, but many other positive attributes factor into its popularity. Some of these include:

  • Extreme durability
  • Higher accuracy than traditional plunger blasters
  • More durable, easy to see ammo
  • Disc eject function for quickly clearing jammed discs
  • Fast reload system
  • Very reasonable pricing.

The first of these, the extreme durability, makes the Vortex Vigilon ideal for teen aged users who are hard on their toys. The same feature, though, means that the Nerf Vigilon has a bulkier design and is difficult and unweildy for people with small hands, and especially for younger children. However, if you’re planning on Nerf wars in the great out of doors, this is the ideal weapon.

The higher accuracy comes from the shape and speed of the discs, which tend to project further than blaster plungers. This also means that they ricochet in odd directions, and can be easier to loose, but the bright green color is pretty easy to spot. You might not want to use the Vortex line toys in an office environment, though, due to the ricocheting causing the discs to end up behind bookshelves and down air vents.

The ammunition itself holds together much longer and better than the dart plungers, which tear easily and fall apart after a lot of use. In spite of the more compact, durable design of the ammo, it is still completely painless if it hits even a small child, and the improved design in no way took removed the safety and fun of the blasters. The bright green color also glows in the dark, and makes for some pretty insane sleepover games.

The designers of the Nerf Vortex line also had the brilliant idea of adding a disc eject function to the Vigilon. This function is a simple slider that ejects the disc that is ready to be fired with one easy motion. This prevents discs from getting thoroughly jammed and keeps you from having to damage the toy in order to remove any jammed discs. It’s also a much faster option then trying to unload and pry out a jammed disc in the middle of a game.

The reloading clip is another fantastic feature, as it allows a remarkably fast reload and keeps you from having to manually load one disc at a time. This can speed up game time and give you a much better chance at surviving, no matter how good your opponents are.

And as for the price of the Vortex Vigilon, it’s a steal that averages around $20. This includes five discs, which isn’t a lot, but is definitely enough to get the fun rolling. A pack of 40 additional discs is going to double your cost, but more than double your fun. This sounds unreasonable, but the durability of this toy means that you’re way more likely to buying ammo for the next 5 years than to need to replace your blaster, so your blaster is a massive value, making the replacement discs a reasonable expense.