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Two Largest Welding Companies and Ireland

Two Largest Welding Companies and Ireland

The 2 largest welding companies are Miller welding and Craft welding. Miller started out as just solely welding company and because of it success is now manufacturer of pretty much every tool on the market and Craft welding was the opposite they started out as just hand tools like screwdriver, wrench and hammers etc. but they seen how much money was been pumped into welding so they also started manufacturing welding and now 65% of there yearly income is from there welding materials. “We taught we were making great money that was until we moved into the welding manufacturing then that’s when we made money, 65% of are income is from are quality welding equipment” (O’shea, Craft). So with these companies and other little companies expanding everyday it shows how important the manufacturing is to the world, it gives a lot of jobs and a lot of people business opportunity. Welding is a billion dollar trade. Miller has become such a sought after companies now that big Car manufacturing companies like Volkswagen and Ford have tried to buy shares in the company only due to the fact that they would save money on the equipment as 87% of a car manufacturing tools are some sort of a welding tool.

A lot of countries have soured over the years due to the welding trade but mostly Ireland over the last 10 years has boomed in the welding trade in a rural town called Dundalk two large businesses has opened up called ABB and Duffy Coachbuilders and with these 2 factories open they have given jobs to over half the town. ABB is solely a welding factory which produces Paper mill machines which is made up of 100% metal and all of this has to be welded into shape. “On average we have 2,000 people working in this one factory and 85% of them are qualified in the welding trade, that shows how important welding is to this company which in hand makes paper mills that make the paper so that students can learn and people can have business”(Paddy Nolan).

Nolan that is the head Welder in the ABB factory has a real passion for his job as it gave him a good career and helped the world be a better place. Duffys is a coach building factory where they build Buses, limousines and Hurst, all of these have chassis which is again made of metal and without welding they would not be so strong and again makes many of jobs for welders. Each bus starts off in thousands of pieces and it is assembled together and in the end is welded together to make it the strongest and safest it can be. These two companies which are American now make it easier for export to Europe and thus helping the world export and exchange easier.