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The Benefits Of Picoseconds Aesthetic Laser For Tattoo Removal

The Benefits Of Picoseconds Aesthetic Laser For Tattoo Removal

Since their inception, lasers have been used in a wide variety of tools that have enhanced our lives in numerous ways. One of the ways that lasers are used is in the medical field, providing precision that was formerly unavailable, even from the most skilled physician. Although lasers are used in numerous ways in the medical field, one that is of benefit to many individuals is tattoo removal. Some of the newer, picosecond lasers provide a much better choice for individuals who are having tattoo laser removal. In particular, the PicoSure aesthetic laser has many benefits for those who want to have a tattoo removed.

One of the benefits of using the PicoSure aesthetic laser is the fact that it is a picosecond laser. The primary benefit of using a picosecond laser is in the fact that it fires very quickly. Each burst of energy is only going to last one trillionth of a second or at times, even less. This pulse rate is 100 times shorter than the standard lasers (nanosecond lasers) that are used for tattoo removal. It has a much greater impact on the area which will facilitate the removal of the tattoo.

As you may be aware, tattoo removal is not typically complete and in many of the older laser removal techniques, there was going to be a visible impact on the skin. With the PicoSure aesthetic laser, there is going to be a lot more clearance in the area where you have the tattoo. This is due to the photo mechanical impact that is experienced during the laser removal process. It will help to remove the laser without excess injury occurring to the surrounding area. Even if you have some of the more stubborn colors included in your tattoo, such as green or blue ink, it’s going to be more effectively removed.

Since the area is affected to a greater degree when a picosecond laser is used, it will help to remove the tattoo with fewer treatments. This is something that is certain to be a benefit to anyone that has a tattoo which they would like to have removed. The number of treatments is often a factor which people consider when having laser tattoo removal. When you look at the number of treatments that are necessary with a nanosecond laser compared to those with a picosecond laser, you will see that it takes far fewer treatments. Since you’re getting better results with fewer treatments, it is obvious that the PicoSure aesthetic laser is a choice that you should make for tattoo removal.

The benefits of using a picosecond laser for laser tattoo removal are well-established. The pulse of the laser is 100 times shorter than what is seen in nanosecond technology and this helps to trigger a photo mechanical effect which will disrupt the tattoo and remove it more effectively. It is not only effective, it will require fewer treatments and is even going to be able to remove stubborn tattoos, which would be a difficulty with nanosecond lasers. You have a choice when it comes to laser tattoo removal, be sure you choose the PicoSure aesthetic laser.