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Teachers Coping With Burn Out: After-Class Hobbies/ Making Extra Income

Teachers Coping With Burn Out: After-Class Hobbies/ Making Extra Income

After-class pampering for teachers is a must. Not just recharging, sort of, but taking care of self amid the paper work, adulting and the like. Yes, we, really need creativity in this aspect of our lives.

I, for one, always see to it that I have time to have this so-called me-time. No distraction, don’t bother bothering me please, and the like.

Yes, liken to “don’t disturb” for I have just gotten myself a time to be alone, but not lonely. Contented, even at bliss, with myself. This is the luxury every teacher must strive for, after slew of paper work done, others half-done, and few undone. Well, it is just a matter of getting all works done, gradually though.

How do, some, teachers spend time after all those paper work and all done? And, earning extra income, at the same time.

1. Gardening — planting grape seedlings, cultivating them to bear sweet berries in six to eight months time is, sort of, my time off paper work and all. Seeing seedlings grow, watering them and putting organic fertilizer could really be great for the psyche. Satisfaction is guaranteed every time you see green sprouts, roots appear, and robust growth is seen after days of transplanting them from seed bag to the soil. Grape seedlings are sold to grape nook grower who wants own grape canopy while entertaining guest/s, and having tea or coffee.

2. Online selling — yes, to augment income, we need to have a side-hustle so as to make both ends meet, considering the low take home pay after all the deductions from both government and private lending institutions has been removed, a mere pittance left for a teacher’s pay. Earnings could depends on the creativity and enterprising spirit of the teacher.

3. Handicraft making/selling — with the skills to create basket, pillows, curtains, baby dresses, among other hand-made items for selling purposes, teachers can have the extra income to pay the bills — from electricity to water to cellphone load to monthly installments like motor bike, kitchen appliance, among others… yes, struggling, surviving the odds. Products could be sold to online store around.

4. Tutoring jobs — the importance of reading and numeracy makes teaching the skills financially viable. Yes, with an hourly price say $3 could really create incremental income as long as you have the energy to take more tutee under your expertise. Earnings could buy a pair of shoes, or other personal necessities

5. Tending sari-sari store/green grocer shop — having a convenience store could really help you having a steady income. However, in every corner, there’s a sari-sari store competing for few customers. Filipino culture at its best, when a neighbor opens a sari-sari store, expect another one will crop up, just to compete. Earnings depends on how you coax your neighbors to patronize your store more than your competitors’.

6. Ghostwriting services — for those with the talent to arranging words, say article writing, research or stories for somebody could be a lucrative business. As long as you know how to convince your clients that you have what it takes to creating pieces of high quality and passable enough to not so discriminating audience. Earnings could buy expensive jewelry.

7. Baby-sitting services — with the influx of work from home side-jobs, chances are, there are mothers out there who need extra hand taking care of their babies. Having a nursery is kinda fun and would make you pay bills from your earnings. Yes, if there is car pooling, there is also baby-tending opportunities around. Earnings could also make ends meet paying bills.

Well, that’s all for now. In the coming months, we will have additional side-jobs good for earning money, with less effort and full of fun as well.

Now, more than ever, side-jobs are saving grace for limited earning potentials due to COVID-19 pandemic. Only the tough ones, strive and thrive.