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Scrapbook Safely And Keep Your Treasures For Years To Come

Scrapbook Safely And Keep Your Treasures For Years To Come

Scrapbook preservation involves an awareness of the things that can go wrong when crafts are stored. Common types of damage to paper-crafts and even crafts made from sturdier materials can erase the hard work and effort that goes into creating mementos that should last a lifetime if not longer.

Damage risks involve the following.
1. Light’s affects on photos.
Light can damage the quality of photo; the highest risk comes to the highly popular color photos option and there is less damage risk for the black and whites.

2. Light’s affects on paper.
Light can damage the paper itself depending on the paper quality.

3. Heat’s affects on paper.
Heat can damage the wave patterns and the colors on delicate craft paper.

4. Heat’s affects on photos.
Both heat and light can damage the color quality and the gradients of photos.

5. Humidity’s affects on metals.
Humidity can play a role in causing corrosion on metal crafting materials and certain trinkets used in crafting.

6. Humidity’s affects on both paper and color.
High humidly can result in photo, color and paper damage as well.

Protecting Scrapbooks from Sunlight Damage

1. Remove scrapbooks from sunny spots like attics with incoming light.
2. Cover in cases.
3. Block sun from damaging colorful crafts with shades and strategically placed items.
4. Choose to place craft projects that don’t involve paper and susceptible painted colors in sunny spots while placing sun sensitive paper-crafts in darker areas.

Protecting Paper from Heat Damage

Heat can damage paper and colors added to paper by fading the crafts and destroying the colored images and quality of the paper.

To protect paper-crafts from heat damage:
1. Regulate the temperature by storing paper-crafts in areas where heat is modified. Attics, again, are a concern
2. Consider running the air conditioner or exposing paper-crafts to breezes briefly to balance high heat conditions.
3.Choose colors and paper types which are resistant to heat, temperature and light damage.

Protecting Non Paper Crafts from Humidity

High humidity can contribute to corrosion on metal materials.

To balance out high humidity temperatures:

Protecting Images in Crafts from Heat and Temperature Damage

1. Use of protective covers can prevent melting and smudging of prints.
2. If they are prominently displayed, periodically removing them for temporary storage into boxes placed in safer areas is one option. Long term storage in cooler and more dry areas are safer bets. Areas where minimal or less intense light is present are also ideal.
3. Remove printed photo inclusive crafts from areas where intense heat or humidity or damp and humid conditions can occur, namely basements and bathrooms.