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Projects For When You’re Feeling Crafty

Projects For When You’re Feeling Crafty

Do you feel that tingling power of being crafty in your veins right now? No need to spend time brainstorming or browsing the Pinterest. Gather your materials right away because here are forty crafty ideas to satisfy that strong urge of craftiness.

  1. Turn pop tabs into a bag.
  2. Put different colors of acrylic paint to your windshield to create a windshield rainbow.
  3. Make a lamp out of plastic spoons.
  4. Color and style an all-white sneakers.
  5. Turn an old glove into a chipmunk.
  6. Dry thin slices of pineapples to create pineapple flowers.
  7. Make roses out of maple leaves.
  8. Make a wall art out of toilet paper rolls.
  9. Create a cherry blossom art out of the bottom of soda bottles.
  10. Create a unique rose pendant for necklaces from melted plastic spoons.
  11. Turn tetra boxes into a beautiful lamp.
  12. Recycle a light bulb and turn it into a bud vase.
  13. Make a planter or candle holder from cans and wooden clips.
  14. Repurpose old books into paper cups and saucers.
  15. Decorate a lamp stand with cheap action figures.
  16. Create a lampshade from a ball and air dry clay.
  17. Revive an old garden fence by painting it with flowers.
  18. Turn an old coffee table into a glow-in-the-dark map of the world.
  19. Create a mini-cardboard kitchen for your toddler.
  20. Create your own origami bookmarks.
  21. Take your crochet skills to the next level by crocheting a panda.
  22. Encourage your kid to read by painting her room with fairy tale characters and scenes.
  23. Melt old crayons, put them in a lego man-shaped moulder, and dry.
  24. Turn a regular soap into tiny soap hearts.
  25. Create bunny napkin rings out of toilet paper roll and some creative imagination.
  26. Make a picture wreath from wooden clothes pin.
  27. Turn broken skateboards into electric guitars.
  28. Build a star wars-inspired rocking horse.
  29. Repurpose CD cases into geometric crystal terrariums.
  30. Create tiny mementos from pebbles and other things from nature.
  31. Recycle plastic bottles and turn them into a fairytale castle.
  32. Turn your Siberian Husky into a unicorn.
  33. Paint and style your old jeans.
  34. Recycle old shoes and turn them into an artsy footwear.
  35. Create a fun video about planting potatoes or anything you can think of.
  36. Create a magazine about your girlfriend and for your girlfriend.
  37. Make toys out of recycled materials with your kids.
  38. Bake galaxy inspired donuts.
  39. Collect stone alphabets and complete it.
  40. Educate yourself about latte art.

Those are only forty creative ideas. But you can definitely think of a lot more. Your imagination is your limit.