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London England – An Interesting City

London England – An Interesting City

London England is one of the largest city in the world and the most captivating city too. a visit to the city is a complete delight and is the reason that millions of visitor’s visit it every year. Considering the fact that London is a cosmopolitan city, people from different nationalities and cultures live here and one will get to hear all languages here. Everyone wants to visit here and have their own set of ideas before they come here. From the

Big Ben, the shopping streets, to the exciting history all exists to be explored. Of the various beautiful and interesting places, which the England map dots the London museums are the envy of the whole world.

The vibrant and exciting capital city London on the map of England is home to a huge selection of museums, about 300 to choose from and really there is one every taste and interest. The awe-inspiring museums large or small are example of the city’s culture and life. The London museums cover all aspects of life from design, science, natural history, fashion and many more. With so much on offer, it would takes years to take a round of all, but its really fun checking some of them when visiting London. There is a lot in store, all waiting to be discovered in the London Museums.

· Museum of London

The name of the museum lets in, as the museum displays the changing times of the city, the various eras from the pre-historic times to the present times. A walk will take one in the Roman, medieval and Tudor eras. The museum starts with the roman relics, which are quite remarkable, and the real gem is the exhibitions, lectures, and walks that are organised in the museum all the year round.

· The British Museum

Of all London England museums, the British museum is the most popular and the most visited tourist attraction. Located in the Great Russell Street, London each year million of visitors pay a visit here. The museum has on display the culture history of the world and one will find everything under one-roof collections from Greek, Roman, China, antique works, coins, drawings, etc. The museum’s highlight is its Reading Room, mummies on display from Ancient Egypt, the Great Court designed by Norman Foster. The museum is huge with 2.5 miles of galleries.

· Science Museum

Without doubt, the Science museum is one of the best museums in London. Spread out on seven floors, visitors can view items from all science areas right from medicine, space travel, chemistry, computing to photography. The museum is fun, with the interactive displays and guided tours carried out in the museum.

· Natural History Museum

The queues outside the museum shows the popularity of the Natural History Museum, which has on display sights which answers many questions in the likes of: what does a earthquake feel like? Why did the dinosaurs become extinct? The museum is located in South Kensington near Hyde Park. The Curators certainly deserve all the praise as they have put up with wonderful shows. There are real life exhibits on display like the housefly’s life cycle. The highlights are the ecology gallery, Mineral Gallery, Mammals gallery an Earth’s Gallery.

· Imperial War Museum

Imperial war museum holds the wartime experiences from the First and Second World Wars, located in South London. Visitors come face to face with the wartime accounts; can see variety of military weapon display, tanks, one- man submarine and a human torpedo. Be amazed when you look at a mustang, spitfire, an atomic bomb casing and a fishing boat that hold witness to the Dunkirk evacuation in 1940. One interesting fact about the museum is that until the year 1930, this place was a lunatic asylum.

· Design Museum

The design museum displays the best in international modern design products from a choice of classic cars to home utensils. The museum is a stylish white building, which has the program of changing exhibitions. The first floor of the museum ‘Review Gallery’ displays new ideas and runs temporary exhibitions, whereas the top floor is the ‘Collections Gallery’ which is all the time growing.