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Funskool Toys – A Visual And Creative Spectacle

Funskool Toys – A Visual And Creative Spectacle

Dealing primarily with children’s toys and family-leisure time products, Funskool, a leading toy giant from India, continues to fascinate kids with its fantastic range of toys that extends to all categories.

Started in Goa, Funskool set up its work with innovative machinery and equipment in order to commence its business. From there, the brand skyrocketed into success and has been at the forefront for several years now. Funskool offers interesting products that feature rattles, teethers, squeaky toys, play sets, assembling toys, pull-along toys and construction toys.

The brand has been noted for its associations with other companies such as Hasbro and has launched a new brand called as SIKU. The other brands that Funskool has associated with include Hornby, Jumbo, New Bright, LEGO, TOMY, Ravensburger, Nerf, Marvel, Baby Alive, Chuggington and Lamaze. The target group for Funskool is primarily focussed at toddlers and also extends up to school-going children. The brand features in its exhaustive catalogue, indigenously designed products which comprise of puzzles, games, preschool and infant-based toys.

Since Funskool focuses extensively on child development and enjoyment, care and attention are given to every product it produces, by doing thorough research and ensuring that these products are safe, durable and non-toxic in nature.

An amalgam of art and science, Funskool’s range of products is meant to develop various skills such as hand-eye coordination, problem solving abilities, cognitive skills, social skills and motor skills. Moreover, the concepts of shape, color and size are simultaneously absorbed into children’s minds while playing with these creative toys.

The classification of products by Funskool extends to its sub-brands such as Giggles for infants, and Giggles for pre-schoolers. For instance, First Bite, caters exclusively to teething kids and Rattle pals, another sub-brand, offers quality rattles for enhancing sound vocabulary and aims at strengthening toddlers’ palms, wrists and hands. Some of the other similar brands that Funskool advertises are Play-Doh, Handy Crafts and Play & Learn. With Funskool’s exclusive range of toys and products, your kid will be exposed to creativity, and non-stop enjoyment while learning valuable skills that will benefit them immensely during their crucial formative years. Moreover, if you’re thinking of presenting a valuable gift to a dear little loved one that will encapsulate vital attributes such as creativity, fun and learning, then Funskool is the perfect go-to brand.

With online shopping having opened up a whole new path for all those people who prefer to shop from the comfort of their home, it is a viable choice for those who wish to shop without hassles. With just a few clicks, you can place the order online and the product will be delivered to your doorstep. Avail easy payment options such as cash on delivery and net banking, that redefine the way you shop for your favourite Funskool products.