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Features You Need When Buying A High Pressure Water Cleaner

Features You Need When Buying A High Pressure Water Cleaner

High pressure water cleaners, sometimes known as water blasters, are very popular for cleaning anything from your car, boat, patio, driveway, your house, or come to think of it, anything! The high pressure gives the water an intensity that makes it a very efficient and effective way to clean very large areas, very quickly. Depending on the pump size of the cleaner, you can get around one hundred times the pressure of a standard garden hose which is what makes this device so effective. Another benefits is that you will also use up to eighty percent less water.

There are a large number of very important features that you should consider when buying a high pressure water cleaner to make sure you get the right one for your needs.

One of the most important things you need to look at when buying a high pressure water cleaner is the length of the electrical cord and the length of the hose that connects the pump to the lance that shoots the water. The reason is that you need to be mobile and move the cleaner around so you can easily access areas that you are cleaning. The longer the electrical cord that comes with the cleaner the better. Using a long extension cord is not recommended unless you have checked that the amperage of the cord is sufficient to supply adequate power to the cleaner, otherwise the motor of the cleaner will be overloaded which will quickly reduce the life of the high pressure water cleaner motor.

Most domestic high pressure water blasters such as gerni or karcher connect to standard hose fittings, so you are only restricted by the length or your hose or power cord. If you need to clean at really remote sites, you could use a generator. However, you will need a cleaner that draws water from a tank. Therefore, it is important to consider in advance whether you will need to clean at locations where you cant connect to a tap.

Next, find out what sort of nozzles come with the water blaster. This is important as different nozzles are used for different cleaning jobs. The different nozzle shapes control the flow of water and the impact pressure, which is the force of the water hitting the item surface. For example, if you want to concentrate the pressure to remove stubborn stains you need a small round nozzle called a pencil nozzle. The fan nozzle is used to clean large areas quickly. The rotary nozzle is the most common shaped high pressure water cleaner nozzle as it combines both the pencil and fan nozzle. The rotary nozzle spins shooting out high pressure jets of water, so it is high impact and cleans large areas quickly.

For safety reasons, high pressure water cleaners should have a safety switch that must be released before you can use it, and you must also continually hold down the trigger for water to be discharged from the lance.

You need to consider what you are going to use the high pressure water cleaner for, to help you decide what size pump you need and the associated pressure of the water. If you will be cleaning a lot and need to remove hard stains, you will need a bigger cleaner. The high pressure water cleaners are graded by maximum pressure being pounds per square inch or psi. Domestic cleaners usually range between 1000psi to 3500 psi.

Another thing to consider is noise. If you can, compare noise emission from various size cleaners and different brands.

Consider other features such as detergent dispensers that are built in as this feature increases the effectiveness of the cleaner and produces a better result.

Finally, you should check water requirements. Determine how much water the high pressure water cleaner uses to make sure that it is acceptable for you requirements.