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Exploring Procedures to Eliminate Stretch Marks

Exploring Procedures to Eliminate Stretch Marks

Cosmetic as they may be, a lot of women would like to eliminate or decrease stretch marks if possible. Fortunately there are alternatives of various degrees available for those that would like to fix those unsightly lines.

Found here is a listing of prospective remedies and solutions for dealing with stretch marks. Where applicable the efficacy is specified along with the typical cost.

Pulsed Dye Laser Therapy. This kind of treatment is beneficial at wavelengths of light that are non-wounding (non-ablative), this style of laser therapy essentially remodels the underlying skin layers (dermis) by stimulating the increase of elastin and collagen. Pulsed dye laser therapy is most beneficial on more recently acquired stretch marks however, it will perhaps still have the anticipated results on older stretch marks also. It must to be pointed out that this kind of procedure could possibly alter skin tone on darker skin colors however with ongoing advancements in laser technology, incidences of discoloration are increasingly becoming more rare.

Cost: $1,500 -$ 2,500

Healing Time: 7-14 days

Fractional Photothermolysis. Similar to pulsed dye laser therapy, this non-ablative laser skin treatment employs wavelengths of light to spark new development of collagen and elastin. Through the stimulation of what’s called “microthermal zones of injury”, Fractional Photothermolysis Technology encourages swift wound healing reactions in the intended dermal layers of the skin. The procedure is normally no more than 30 minutes in duration.

Cost: $900-$1200

Healing Time: approximately 7 days

Excimer Laser. The excimer laser ultimately does almost nothing for collagen or elastin growth. The main objective of this type of treatment is the repigmentation of the skin by stimulating melanin production. Melanin is the element of skin that is predominantly responsible for its color. Soon after treatment, the old and lighter scars become very close in color to the adjoining skin, and thus less obvious. Just like microdermabrasion, this technique can also be a viable option for older stretch marks.

Cost: $450 for each of the required 15 sessions

Healing Time: Virtually none

Microdermabrasion. As the name suggests this kind of treatment consists of a certain degree of abrasion of the skin. A device operated by a trained dermatologist blows crystals onto the skin (there are crystal-free options as well). These crystals gently abrade or “polish” the surface of the skin. Microdermabrasion (also called “power peel”) gently purges the skin’s top layer, which may produce “new and improved” skin growth that is actually more elastic. Unlike a few other treatments this therapy is a viable option for older stretch marks. This method typically requires less than 45 minutes.

Cost: $125 per session

Healing Time: None

Note: The skin treatments discussed above are considered “cosmetic procedures” and are perhaps not covered by insurance. Make sure to check with your insurer about which procedures, if any, are covered.