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Cosmetic Dentist and Professional Teeth Whitening

Cosmetic Dentist and Professional Teeth Whitening

We’ve heard of cosmetic surgeon and dentist, but a cosmetic dentist? In our quest to fully customize our looks, we’ve gone forth and stepped into the mouth, where bright smiles are born. Laser teeth whitening or professional teeth whitening is the newest procedure you can try out to make sure that your smile twinkles like no other.

Teeth whitening isn’t a new thing. In fact, there’s a reason why there’s a distinction between normal teeth whitening and professional teeth. Bright smiles are usually associated with fine hygiene and health after all. There’s absolutely nothing wrong in wanting to look the part. Yellowing of the teeth occurs naturally or due to stains from several habits, such as drinking liquids such as coffee and smoking cigarettes or cigars.

Laser Teeth Whitening

Laser teeth whitening is the most high tech option you can select when it comes to making your smile look more radiant and your appearance more youthful. It takes a very short while to undergo in fact – just under an hour. The quick results involved in laser teeth whitening is what makes it so valuable.

People have gotten used to instant gratification and, while patience is a virtue with most things, it’s a happy day when people realize that it doesn’t have to apply to everything. Teeth whitening shouldn’t take months. An hour is just perfect.

Professional teeth whitening, or laser bleaching or power bleaching, accelerates bleaching. The most commonly used laser in this procedure is the argon laser since it is the safest option. Infrared lasers are also a choice as it produces no heat. These have a clear advantage over gel bleaching as they don’t cause the oh-so-uncomfortable chemical burns that gel bleaching tends to cause.

Side Effects

Speaking of side effects, all teeth methods have side effects. Sensitivity of the teeth and some gum irritation are to be expected, considering the procedures involved. The sensitivity side effect usually occurs early in the treatment.

Your cosmetic dentist should inform you of all the potential side effects that you may experience after the procedure. If your teeth and gums are of the particularly sensitive variety, you shouldn’t undergo this or any kind of tooth bleaching procedure, at least not before talking it over with a cosmetic dentist. As with many other things, pregnant or lactating women should avoid this procedure. Children under the age of sixteen should also avoid the procedure due in large part to the way teeth grow. At this point, the nerves of the teeth are enlarged and can become very painful and sensitive if bleached.

That White Smile

There is such a thing as over-bleaching. A certain amount of discoloration of the teeth is part of life. Teeth that are too white look unnatural and fake which probably isn’t the look that a lot of people are going for. If you’re going to try to combine two methods of teeth, make sure that you’re doing it under the orders of a trustworthy cosmetic dentist as professional teeth is something that takes years to learn.