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Bioplasma Bodies – Emission of Radiation and Plasma Via Plasma Vortex Systems

Bioplasma Bodies – Emission of Radiation and Plasma Via Plasma Vortex Systems

Emission of Energetic Jets from Subtle Bioplasma Bodies

The absorption of charged energetic particles by plasma vortexes (or chakras) within the subtle bioplasma body has been discussed in the author’s article Bioplasma Bodies: Formation of Plasma Vortexes and Nodes along the Spine (Absorptive State). These vortex or chakra systems have also been known to emit beams or jets of particles and electromagnetic waves.

Scientific researchers at Jiao Tong University in Shanghai, using sophisticated scientific equipment, have shown that subtle energy has the properties of an electromagnetic current when flowing through acupuncture meridians but takes on the properties of coherent particle streams, similar to laser light, when projected out from the body through the hands of master Qigong healers who cure diseases by beaming their energy into the patient’s body. There are important vortexes (chakras or acupoints) on the palms of the hands. Jets or directed beams of light have been seen in photographs taken during events where subtle energetic practices take place (for example: Reiki, Qigong and Christian “Praise and Worship”). There are also Hindu, Taoist, Buddhist and Christian images showing jets of light issuing-out from the palms of saints or deities. One of the seers of the Fatima apparitions of “Mary” in 1919, “Lucia”, revealed that during one of the apparitions, “Mary” opened her hands and “rays of light” issued from them.

Jets may also be issued from other chakras or acupoints – for example from the heart chakra. For example, when “Jesus” appeared to Saint Faustina in 1931, two beams of light issued from the area where the heart is located – one beam was blue and the other was red. Interestingly, some jet formations in cosmic objects such as galaxies also show two beams of light – one blue and the other red!

Emission of Energetic Jets in Space

From the surface of the sun to the violent cores of quasars, many astrophysical objects shoot plasma in sharply defined streams, guided by magnetic fields. We know that active galactic nuclei in space emit energetic jets. As far back as 1918, astronomer H D Curtis noticed a jet from the centre of the galaxy M87, describing it as a “curious straight ray” emanating from the galaxy. Taking the form of a huge flashlight beam in space, a jet of electrons and protons traveling at near the speed of light can be seen in NASA’s image of the galaxy. The jet is a highly collimated plasma beam (i.e. like coherent laser light). Energetic astrophysical jets, with velocities approaching the speed of light, are seen on a variety of scales emerging from active galactic nuclei and young stars. These cosmic jets are remarkably similar in appearance to jets issued out of bioplasma bodies as seen in religious images. Are the physics of both similar?

Acceleration of Plasma and Plasma Thrusters

The acceleration of charged particles to very high energies is of interest in the study of both cosmic rays and of hot plasma. Basically, such acceleration requires an electric field. It is known that if charged particles are subjected to an electric field which is perpendicular to a magnetic field, they will be subjected to a force or thrust perpendicular to both fields. This force is called the “Lorentz force”. The streamwise momentum acquired by the charged particles is transmitted to the other particles through collisions to obtain a continuous acceleration of particles.

The Plasma Focus Device and Plasma Gun

The coaxial plasma accelerator is a simple device that utilizes the Lorentz force to accelerate plasma to very high velocities. The “plasma focus device” is one type of coaxial plasma accelerator where the plasma is accelerated between two cylindrical coaxial electrodes. The inner and outer electrodes are electrically insulated and the space between the electrodes is filled with plasma. A bank of electrical capacitors is used to provide a sudden burst of power to the system.

Once the plasma leaves the electrodes it is transformed into a characteristic structure that resembles the shape of an open umbrella within which the electric current propagates. This current generates a magnetic field, which compresses the plasma into a very dense, lineal formation, called a plasma focus. The dense plasma focus rapidly “pinches”, undergoes instabilities and breaks up – becoming a multi-radiation source for intense electromagnetic waves and particle bursts.

The plasma focus device therefore produces, by electromagnetic acceleration and compression, a short-lived magnetically-confined, hot spot or plasmoid (i.e. the plasma focus) that is so hot and dense that it becomes a copious multi-radiation source. These plasmoids emit intense beams of accelerated ions and electrons. The plasma focus device is similar to the plasma gun which is a magnetically driven shock tube that ejects plasma in the form of a plasmoid, without pinching it. The plasma gun is the real-life equivalent of the “ray gun” often seen in science fiction movies.

The Chakra System acting as a Plasma Focus Device

It appears that active energetic chakras can operate as plasma focus devices.

It was noted in the author’s article (cited above) that the vortexes on the surface of the bioplasma body are connected to nodes along the central vertical channels by flux tubes. Like the central vertical channels, these flux tubes have the geometry of coaxial cables with helical currents twining around (straight) axial currents. Each coaxial flux tube consists of a helical current which represents the anode (or cathode) twined around the cathode (or anode) and is immersed in the plasma within the bioplasma body.

There will be two coaxial or pairs of helical-axial currents in a bioplasma body where the kundalini current is also activated, together with the pranic current. This means that there will be two areas in the chakra where collimated beams of light can be issued by individuals who have developed their kundalini channels. A close look at the image of “Jesus” in the Saint Faustina’s apparition shows two beams of light issuing out of the usual location of the heart chakra.

The plasma focus device is powered by banks of capacitors. In electrical circuits, capacitors store electrical energy which can be discharged or released in an instant. It has already been discussed and noted in the author’s article Spontaneous Human Combustion and Electrical Discharges in the Subtle Body that bioplasma bodies contain capacitors within them.

Plasma focus devices are therefore already embedded in bioplasma bodies, with the sites of chakras acting as delivery systems of intense collimated beams of energetic particles that are seen in many religious depictions of deities. The similarities in the image when we look down the barrel of the dense plasma focus device and the image of the throat chakra as depicted by Leadbeater are obvious.


Active galactic nuclei and highly energetic active chakras in an emissive state operate in a similar way to the dense “plasma focus device” that allows them to issue-out collimated beams of energetic particles.

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