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Bhutan Tourist Destination For a Marvelous Holiday Trip

Bhutan Tourist Destination For a Marvelous Holiday Trip

Bhutan is a tiny kingdom also known as the last Sanghri la. It has snow capped mountains and hysterical unexplored places. Bhutan is a landlocked country neighbored by China and India. It is also home to 5400 species of plants and 770 species of bird; here you will find Golden Langur. Some other species that you will find here are Bengal tiger, Great One-Horned Rhinoceros, Clouded Leopard, Hispid Hare, Indian leopard and many more. Wildlife lovers can make Bhutan a tourist destination and have a completely new experience.

Thimpu is the modern capital of Bhutan. It has the majestic throne rooms which are used by the royalty. Most Buddhist monks visit Thimpu Valley during summers. Here at Thimpu you will find museums, fortresses, temples and monasteries. You can even visit Phuentsholing, which is a small town in Bhutan known for its clean environment and popular among those travelers who are looking for peace and solitude. Bumthang Valley is also equally important place of visit. It has Kurjey Temple and many monasteries. The main town of Bumthang is Jakar. People looking for spiritual tour should make Bhutan tourist destination.

If you want to visit Taktshang Monastery, Kichu Lhakang, National Museum of Bhutan and Paro Dzong then you have to reach Paro. Bhutan is known for its colorful masks, wood carvings, stamps, hand-woven bamboo items, silver, bronzes and silk. You can also buy Buddhist paintings, handmade paper products and religious thangkas. Handmade wooden bowls known as dappa are often used here by the locals, you can buy it as a souvenir, the two halves of this bowl can be used as salad or cookie bowl and these two halves fit together tightly which makes it easy to carry food in it. Have you heard of Dzi beads? These are actually oblong in shape and come in cream and brown colors. These beads are quite expensive and are of precious in nature. If you like collecting Asian handicrafts and souvenirs then make Bhutan tourist destination.

The traditional clothes here are Gho and Kira, you can buy them as souvenirs. Bhutan Mist is a kind of local liquor you find here. Bhutanese cuisine is unique on its own. Here you will get Yak meat. Ema Datsi is a special dish made of cheese and chili. In eastern Bhutan the staple diet is ‘Puta’ known as wheat noodles. One of the most common dishes in Bhutan is the Momos, it is basically a dumpling filled with chicken meat, pork or cheese. In Bumthang region you will find Neshing Jurma, it is a tea made of parasitic plant. So if are you thinking about your next vacation, then make Bhutan tourist destination.