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Assam Tour

Assam Tour

Assam …. a land of natural beauties, lush green, rivers, lakes, hills, animals -is a gateway to the north East India. It is a land of unexplored opportunities, gifted with abundant natural resources. It is one of the major cities of the North East India. Amazingly Assam is a multi- ethnic society but the mother tongue of the people of Assam is Assamese. Assam is famous for tea plantations and one horned rhinoceros which are found in abundance in Kajiranga National Park. Assam is also famous for petroleum production. Assam is such a beautiful state totally different from the other states of India, that one should include the state in their tour itinerary to explore a different world. The famous attractions of the state are

Guwahati – The capital of Assam and the gate way to the North East is Guwahati. Dominated by the Brahmaputra river it is the largest city in North East. The city is upcoming with all modern facilities. Guwahati is spotted with many attractions like Kamakhya temple. It is situated in the Nilachal Hill, just 8 km away from the main town. The temple is dedicated to the Goddess Kamakhya, the essence of female energy. It i one of the 108 Shakti Pith of Goddess Durga. The are other temples in the city which also attract a large number of tourist. These are – Nabagraha temple, Umananda temple, Baishisto and Balaji Mandir.

Majuli Island – It is the world’s largest river island (886 sq km) and is famous for its 22 ancient Vaishnavaite Hindu monasteries or Satras, which also serve as centers for the preservation of Assamese arts. During summer it looks wonderful as the river overflows and the vast land gets submerged.

Kajiranga National park – It is one of famous tourists attractions in Assam. Famous for one horned rhinoceros this national park of Assam also home to the other animals like swamp deer, hog deer, wild pig, hoolock, wild buffalo, sambar gibbon, pythons, tiger and elephants. Elephant ride in the Kajiranga park to spot the animals are very much exciting.

HalfLong- It is the only hill station of Assam and a very beautiful place. On the hill of Half Long there is Jatinga. It is a place where thousands fly and flutter at their last time. The mystery of it is still unknown.

Cuisines and shopping – Very different and tasty cuisines of Assam that you have ever tasted. The food here mainly based on rice and fish. Macher tanga and rice is the excellent dish of Assam. The specialty of Assamese food is that these are less spicy and less oily.

Shopping in Assam is a delightful experience. The state offers huge amount of hand loom and handicraft products. Different types of cane and bamboo products, silk product and of course tea are the best from Assam.