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Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Business Cards?

Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Business Cards?

One of your easiest and still one of the best tools to promote your business is the good old business card. Are you taking full advantage of them, or are they simply sitting there on your desk collecting dust? If you are just carrying a few of them in your wallet or purse and hand them out when someone asks you for one, you are leaving a lot of new customers, sales and thus money on the table. Let’s take a look at the different ways you can start utilizing business cards today to grow your business.

1. Include a business card with all outgoing orders. You just never know who will be opening the envelope.

2. Post your business card on community bulletin boards. You can find these at banks grocery stores, libraries & credit unions. Make it a habit to carry business cards and push pins with you and keep an eye out for these bulleting boards.

3. Include one with your outgoing bills that you pay each month. Someone has to open those envelopes. You never know, they may just be interested in what you have to offer.

4. Leave them everywhere you go that people are waiting around. Here are a few examples to get you started: doctors offices, nail & hair salons, school lunchrooms, hospitals, and libraries to name a few.

5. Stick one inside a library book before you return it. You can also stick them inside videos you rent from your local video store.

6. Leave them on the side of your car. You can purchase an inexpensive magnetic business card holder at most office supply stores. People can easily pick one up as they walk by your parked car while you are grocery shopping or playing with the kids at the park.

7. Participate in “mom swaps” or “prim pack” swap groups. Some online communities have special section devoted to networking with others. Just do a quick Google search for Mom Swap or Mom Pack and get stated.

8. Use them as a product hangtag. Simply write your product pricing information on the backside of your business card and leave it attached after a customer purchases your item.

9. Drop your card in office store and restaurant fish bowls that offer business card drawings. Somebody actually looks through these cards and picks a winner. They may just be one of your potential customers.

10. When you meet someone new, be sure to hand him or her your business card. Even if they aren’t interested in the products and services your offer they may know someone who is.

11. Hand them out at craft shows, street fairs and festivals.

12. Check with local businesses in your area about leaving a small stack of your cards on their counter. Some smaller businesses may allow this.

13. If you have friends, family members or acquaintances that sell home party items, ask they if they would like to exchange cards with you. Offer to include their card with every outgoing order in exchange for them including yours. You can easily create your own little local business card swap.

14. Visit local realtors or drop off your card and quick note. Most realtors give gifts to their clients who buy a home through them as a thank you gift. Perhaps you can offer them a special discount if they purchase in bulk from you.