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Applications of PS Balls

Applications of PS Balls

Precious Slag Balls are widely used as abrasives for industrial applications. They are made by a process that involves the atomizing of liquid steel slag using a modern technology called Slag Atomizing Technology (SAT). The liquid steel slag stream is converted to spherical slag balls of various sizes by super cooling method of molten slag, using fast heat exchange of the falling liquid steel slag in a high speed airflow. During this process, free CaO and Fe2O3 are scattered to form a solid PS ball and thus produced is in a stable Spinel Structure.

Characteristics of PS balls

– They are environmentally friendly as the material is pollution-free and non-toxic.

– Has a natural characteristic hardness.

– Is not toxic due to properties caused by its structure, shape, physical and chemical compositions.

– Its Spinel structure causes stability in physical and chemical composition, eliminating any causes for pollution.

– As compared with sand, it has superior characteristics in compressive strength, hardness and anti-weathering properties.

– PS Ball is a cost-effective material as compared to other mineral materials.

– The efficiency of the abrasive material makes it easy to recycle, reducing the consumption rate and increasing the productivity. It can be recycled up to 3-4 times depending on the surface hardness.

– This material is easier to produce and supply, as compared to copper slag and garnet mineral abrasives.

– Storage is easy.

– Lower levels of dust and contaminants make it less risky for use in various field operations, and less harmful to the health of operators.

Applications of PS balls

Unlike the case of mineral abrasives like garnet, PS ball is completely dust free and this makes it suitable for use in surface preparation, rust removal and ship building applications. It is also commonly used for maintenance of ships.

PS Balls find applications in oil storage tanks, bridge construction work, in construction of heavy steel structures, in oil rig platforms, and so on; mainly for purposes of cleaning and surface preparation and are used for cleaning welded areas in storage tanks before repainting.

It can be used as an abrasive material, to clean material surfaces and prepare them for painting.

The typical characteristics make PS balls perfect for use in blast cleaning applications, as they provide the right atomizing of materials with respect to size, density, hardness and durability.

Due to its high bulk specific gravity of 2.42 Kg/l, precious slag balls are widely used as a counter balance in many applications.

PS ball is also used as a filtration medium as it is non-water absorbent and is very durable.

Because of its nonslip properties, PS Balls can be used as covering on the road or as paving for concrete and asphalt roads. It adheres effectively with asphalt or concrete, and can therefore be used as efficient repair or reinforcement material for various purposes.